VILLA T is a luxury, designer apartment in the center of Zakopane with an attractive SPA offer. You have access to saunas, outdoor jacuzzi with a view of Giewont, brine graduation tower and a wide range of massages. We invite you to our relaxation zone, where you can unwind after a mountain hike or just spend a nice time with a loved one.




We have created a unique place for those who are looking for a combination of perfect location and intimate atmosphere in our boutique Villa. Villa T is located in the very center of Zakopane, but it is surrounded by a private garden, from which you can enjoy a magnificent view of the mountains. The SPA area, located inside the building, smoothly transitions to the garden, where we have created a cozy place with the possibility of enjoying a relaxing bath with massage.

Villa T Apartments & SPA invites you to:

  • relax in a bubbly bath with a mountain view,
  • warm up in one of the modern saunas,
  • recharge in the brine graduation tower,
  • regenerate during one of our rituals or massages.



After a sauna session, relax during natural inhalations in the wellness area. Rest and breathe deeply. The benefits of using a graduation tower are appreciated by those who are looking for a way to strengthen their respiratory system. In addition to that, the microelements released during inhalation increase the body's immunity, raise the level of energy and general vitality and help you relax more deeply.


If you are a fan of sauna, Villa T Apartments & SPA is the perfect choice for your stay in Zakopane. In the intimate wellness area, you have two saunas at your disposal: Finnish and infrared. If you have not had a chance to taste a session in the sauna, you can start your adventure here, using a dry or infrared sauna. The infrared sauna is also recommended to people who cannot use the traditional Finnish sauna.

Massage price list

Sports massage

It is an intensive massage, the aim of which is to reach deeper tissues in order to fully relax them.

250 PLN

40 min

Relaxing massage

This massage is performed completely painlessly and the appropriate grips allow the body to enter a deep state of relaxation.

280 PLN

50 min

Hot candle massage

The use of relaxing massage techniques combined with the nutritional properties of the candle ingredients. The whole is accompanied by an unusual fragrance that will calm and soothe.

300 PLN

50 min

Aromatherapy massage

A relaxing massage of the whole body with the use of aromatic oils combining the healing power of touch with the properties of oils, selected individually for the needs of a particular person.

300 PLN

50 min

Hot stone massage

The heat flowing from the basalt stones during the treatment allows the muscles of the whole body to release from persistent tension. Thanks to the combination of appropriate tricks and properties of stones, all tensions and ailments disappear in the blink of an eye.

330 PLN

50 min

Hot chocolate massage

During the hot chocolate massage, the valuable properties of cocoa beans are used, which have a moisturizing, rejuvenating, regenerating and anti-cellulite effect on the skin. They also improve skin tone and color. The treatment is accompanied by a wonderful chocolate scent, which contributes to the increase in the secretion of endorphins – hormones of happiness, which contributes to the improvement of well-being and gives a feeling of relaxation. After the massage, the skin remains perfectly moisturized, firm and smooth for a long time.

330 PLN

50 min

Kobido face massage

Kobido is a Japanese facial massage that means “ancient way to beauty”. It is also called a facelift without a scalpel. It is carried out using the technique of relaxing the deep muscles of the face and firming the skin. It allows you to straighten wrinkles and furrows, relax tense muscles and stimulate microcirculation. Japanese Kobido massage also functions as a holistic health and beauty ritual for the whole body.

350 PLN

50 min

Kobido gold facial massage

It is a Kobido massage that combines elements of a lifting massage and illuminating golden mineral particles. Nourishes, regenerates and protects the skin. Gold particles add sun reflections to the skin.

380 PLN

50 min

Lomi-Lomi Nui massage

The Hawaiian Lomi Lomi nui massage evokes a deep feeling of relaxation. In the past, this massage was part of a ritual for spiritual purification and restoration of internal balance.

The main tool of the masseur’s work are the forearms. The massage technique is based on the right pressure and activating all joints in turn – by rotating, stretching, shaking, bending and straightening, thanks to which this massage will make you feel as if you are lying on an ocean wave.

400 PLN

70 min

Peeling with massage

Body peeling consists in exfoliating dead skin cells with the use of appropriate exfoliating cosmetics. It leaves the skin smooth, radiant and moisturized and contributes to increasing elasticity, firmness and tension, reducing fine wrinkles and improving the condition of dry skin.

After the peeling, we proceed to the massage.

400 PLN

70 min

Coffee cleansing

A treatment that aims to have a strong anti-cellulite, slimming and firming effect. It is accompanied by the sensual aromatic smell of freshly roasted coffee beans. The therapy is especially recommended for people looking for intensive firming of the skin, especially when fighting cellulite, it eliminates tension and this treatment is a great form of relaxation.

Course of the procedure:


  • body scrub containing caffeine;
  • wrapping with a heated slimming and anti-cellulite mask;
  • massage with coffee butter at the end of the treatment.

450 PLN

90 min

Head, neck and shoulder massage

Massage dedicated to women in the second trimester of pregnancy, but also to people who want to feel a state of deep relaxation and tranquility.

180 PLN

30 min

Light back massage

If you feel the burden of everyday life on your back, this massage is made for you. We will make your back feel as light as a feather.

180 PLN

30 min

Foot massage

Stimulation of the appropriate receptors on the feet allows the body to start self-healing processes. Perfect massage for people tired of long mountain hikes.

180 PLN

30 min